eView™ Pre-Labeled Datasets

Accelerate the development of mission-critical AI applications with EI’s Pre-Labeled Datasets. Reduce costs and improve AI model performance with annotated data designed for the needs of defense and IC users.

eView™ Dataset Catalog

The World’s most sophisticated AI annotation and machine learning systems are only as good as the data that drives them. Identifying and curating the right data is an essential component of developing effective software automation systems.

Designed to support the needs of the US defense and Intelligence Community and only to authorized end users, our eView™ Pre-Labeled Datasets provide turn-key high-quality inputs that are both accurate and highly detailed.

Preview some of our pre-labeled datasets below. Contact us to request access, more detailed information and pricing.

Examples of eView Pre-Labeled Datasets

Foreign Military Naval, Aircraft Order of Battle

Foreign Military SAM Data

Foreign Military Airbase Infrastructure