CEO, Enabled Intelligence, Inc.

Peter Kant is the Founder and CEO of Enabled Intelligence, Inc, an artificial intelligence technology company providing accurate data labeling and AI technology development for U.S. defense and intelligence agencies while providing meaningful high-tech employment to veterans and neurodiverse professionals.

Peter has two decades of experience at the nexus of business, government, technology and policy including leadership positions in state and federal government, large companies, start-ups, and non-profits. He also currently serves on multiple corporate boards and advisory boards of venture funds including: Culpepper Garden, Distributed Spectrum, Ditto, Picogrid, and Spectrohm.

Peter has led multiple high technology companies over his career. Previous roles include: CEO of Accion Systems, a space satellite thruster hardware company, developing and manufacturing engines for satellites; CEO of Synapse Technology, an In-Q-Tel backed AI security company, Vice President, Federal Partnerships at SRI International a non-profit research and development institute headquartered in Silicon Valley; and as Executive Vice President at OSI Systems, Inc, a publicly-traded security and medical technology firm.

Peter started his career in government service working in political positions at the state and federal levels. He worked in the U.S. Congress; served as Policy Director for the Texas House of Representatives; and served as an appointee in President Clinton’s administration.

Peter earned his undergraduate degree in politics and economics from Brandeis University and his Masters of Public Policy at Duke University. He is a native of Houston, Texas and has lived in Arlington, Virginia for over 25 years.