Enabled Intelligence and SkyFi Partner to Transform Military and IC Missions

Enabled Intelligence and SkyFi have joined forces in a strategic partnership set to redefine geospatial intelligence.

In a groundbreaking move, Enabled Intelligence and SkyFi are teaming up to provide real-time, AI-enabled awareness of geospatial data to U.S. DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) agencies. Leveraging SkyFi’s near-real-time satellite imagery and Enabled Intelligence’s precise AI data labeling capabilities, this partnership promises to revolutionize how intelligence is gathered and analyzed.

“The collaboration between Enabled Intelligence and SkyFi symbolizes a significant step forward in employing artificial intelligence for national security, via the combination of our precise data labeling and SkyFi’s real-time satellite intelligence,” said Peter Kant, CEO of Enabled Intelligence. “SkyFi’s portal allows government and commercial customers to easily access Enabled Intelligence accurately labeled eView data library. The breadth and accuracy of eView™ data allows AI developers to create precise and powerful AI tools for geospatial analysis and intelligence.”

SkyFi’s Head of Strategy, Kate van Dam, echoed the sentiment, expressing her enthusiasm for the partnership. “I am insanely excited about SkyFi’s partnership with Enabled Intelligence,” she exclaimed. “We, at SkyFi, are excited to bring Enabled Intelligence’s deep experience supporting military and IC missions to the commercial consumer.”

Enabled Intelligence’s unique approach, including employing professionals with cognitive differences like autism spectrum conditions, underscores their commitment to innovation in the AI space. With an authority to operate at Top Secret/SCI levels, Enabled Intelligence is a leader in addressing sensitive and classified government needs.

Through this collaboration, Enabled Intelligence will harness its expertise to transform raw data into actionable intelligence, enabling FMV, HMI, and overhead imagery to be seamlessly integrated into AI-ready solutions.

The announcement follows Enabled Intelligence’s recent inclusion in the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office’s Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, further expanding their reach within the U.S. DOD and Intelligence Community. As they continue to push the boundaries of AI-driven intelligence, Enabled Intelligence and SkyFi are poised to shape the future of national security.