Enabled Intelligence Summer News

Enabled Intelligence

We “Enablers” have been quite busy this summer and not just making sand castles and slow-cooking BBQ. We have a lot of news to share from our recent projects and our expansion into our new offices. Below are a few highlights:

Enabled Intelligence Annotators Working to Help Ukrainian Farmers Safely Return to the Fields

Ukraine Field

Enabled Intelligence was recently hired to determine a process for identifying Ukrainian farms and agricultural resources impacted by the ongoing war. The customer’s goal for this program is to determine whether satellite imagery and AI tools can help the Ukrainian people identify safe planting and harvesting areas and which areas need reclamation to make them safe

We Have Models for the Runway - But Not the Kind You’re Thinking Of

Sample Airfield Annotation

Enabled Intelligence has started developing and delivering AI detection models directly to government customers. After we create accurate training and test data sets, Miller (our Director of Data Science) works his magic and that of “Merlin” (our new on-premise, multi-GPU machine learning computer) to develop bespoke AI models. We have built models that detect and identify military aircraft in satellite imagery (hence the runway pun) and others for ground-based imagery and text classification. Our models have proven equally or more accurate than our customers’ earlier attempts and we have been able to create them in just 10% of the time. 

Accurate training data = High performance AI model = Happy customers

Give Us Your Dirty, Unstructured, and Raw Data Yearning to Breathe Free

Multi-Spectral Example

We have expanded our annotation and model building expertise to a growing variety of data types. We can now count biometrics, handwriting, hyperspectral imagery, text, and x-ray imagery to the data types we can handle (including audio, geospatial imagery, electro-optical imagery, synthetic aperture radar, infrared, and video). In the past year we have:

  • Annotated >500,000 image frames;
  • Provided over 2,000,000 annotations;
  • Built proprietary data pipelines for imagery, geospatial data, video, audio, and text;
  • Built and tested 20+ AI models

A Growing Team (and Not Because of the Office Snacks)


We have enjoyed solid growth this year and currently have 24 employees supporting our customers. We continue to exceed our goals for a diverse workforce: just about half our team are employees with disabilities. We recently promoted a few team members from Annotator to Team Leads. We added Miller Wilt as Director, of Data Science. We even had two summer interns: Toby, a William and Mary student majoring in computer science; and Jacob, a Virginia Tech Hokie majoring in Geospatial Analysis.

Enabled About Town

The word on Enabled Intelligence is out and we have been invited to speak on numerous panels and been featured in some recent press. Highlights include: